Friday, June 12, 2009

Full Circle

Well its my 100th post and yesterday I saw the floathome that started all this for me 15 years ago. I had just graduated from massage school and had my own business that was doing very well. I saw a listing for a beautiful wood floathome and went to check it out. I fell completely in love with it. It was a log cabin with tons of stain glass everywhere. I went to the bank to organize a loan, but they wouldn't consider it, even with a 25% downpayment. Their reasoning was that someone could cut the ropes that hold it in place and their investment would just float away. Without land they wouldn't give me a dime. I was heartbroken. I never thought I would ever be able to afford this lifestyle and grieved that house for many years.

Yesterday, David and I went out to a marina up river to check out the situation with a floathome that was in need of more floatation to keep it from tipping over. We ended up having a very interesting and informative conversation with the owner of the marina for a good part of the afternoon. While sitting there, I was admiring a beautiful floathome that is moored there. I love swans and a mother and her chicks were dining in our little bay right in front of this house. As I was taking pictures I kept getting a sense of deja vu regarding the place but couldn't figure out why.

As we were getting ready to leave, we went back to take one last look at the problem floathome. While standing on the dock, a woman came out of the other home and walked towards us. I asked her if she lived in the beautiful wood house. She said she did, and would I like a tour? Of course I did! As soon as we walked inside, I recognized the place. She has done quite a few changes to the place which improved it even more but I knew it was the same place. I fell in love with it all over again. It was such a delight to be there again and the swans came right up to the front window while I was there admiring her river view. It couldnt have been more perfect. It was great to see how she was able to create such an amazing space on a 16x40 float. I have been struggling with trying to vizualize my lifestyle and furnishings in a limited space. Her home gave me a good insight into how to accomplish that.

She graciously allowed me to take some pictures but as she was on her way out, I felt pressed for time so just fired off a bunch of quick ones. Unfortunatly they didn't all turn out but here are some that did. It hard to capture this place on camera, hopefully I can go back and try again with more time.

The swan and her babies

My dream home( the tipouts,gables and back deck were new additions..part of why I didnt recognize it straight away)

Standing in the living room looking at the kitchen on the right with bathroom in back , stairs in the middle and entrance on the left

The living room with some of the many stain glass windows

Ceramic fish inlaid into the kitchen floor

The upstairs consists of two lofts connected by a bridge. The master bedroom on one side and a bathroom with a clawfoot tub and a guest room tucked in behind that on the other side. A cute window seat makes a nice nook to hang out in.

The bridge leading to the bathroom as seen from the master bedroom

The window seat

The guest bedroom

To cap off a wonderful day, our friend Mike who lives at the other end of Mitchell Island, dropped by in his cool speedboat and took us for a sunset cruise on the river

Life has been good lately. We have been having an awesome year as far as weather goes. A short mild spring, tons of sunny days and a June like no other so far. Ive been to the beach quite a few times already this year and my tan is well under way. The long days have completly changed my sleep cycle and for the first time in my life I am up and about at 7am every day. I know, dont fall over in shock! Im usually not seen about until noon so this is big news.

Im still collecting stuff for my home. I got all my kitchen cupboards the other day as well as an overhead light for the kitchen and a breaker box for my electrical needs. I did end up hearing back from Sandy( the guy with all the plywood for free) and 3 long drives out to the valley to pick it all up and I now have 40 sheets of wood. Thanks Sandy , your an angel! The rest of the stuff I need to start the building process is fairly specific to the job, so not sure how much more I will be able to scrounge. Now what I need most is an infusion of cash to buy the hardware and framing lumber so I can get started.

In the meantime, I have finally had a moment to play with my creative side for a change. We had a friend coming over who was using the shop to build drums. He showed me how and I made six so far in total. Heres the first two with paintings finished on them. The others are still being worked on. The big one is made of bear skin and has the most amazing sound. The design is a tattoo that was found on a mongolian shamaness that was found frozen in the ice. The bear claws around it are from another tattoo that Ive always liked because of its celtic look.
The design on the smaller drum is the local Native design for "thank you" or "Welcome"

It feels great to be doing something creative again. I can't wait to have my own shop and get all my tools and craft supplies out of storage and set up so I can use them.

So a rough start to the year, but at mid-point I see light at the end of the tunnel and am full of hope for the future. Menopause be damned, its full speed ahead.