Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Kinda,Sorta Like Living on a Boat

Except I don't get rocked to sleep and I don't have a bilge to worry about. In the best interest of both David's and my sanity, I finally got around to moving out. A good friend of mine had a spare room in her basement and until I can make further headway on building my floathome, I have decided to hang my hat here for the time being. I am living in 125 square feet which is compact living in the extreme. Good thing I had the practice of small space living on my boat, because I am even more condensed now if that is possible.

I have a small room, 9x10 feet, which is my bedroom and kitchen with a 5x5 closet that holds my clothes and computer. I have access to a bathroom with a shower on the next floor and there is a door from my room out to the garden. I miss the wide open space that we had at Davids but have adapted to my present conditions quite well.

My kitchen/bedroom

View of the bed,dresser and entrance to the closet/office

View from my doorway into the yard/looking at the garage

View from the garage looking at my doorway beside the stairs to the upper deck.

Casper ( my cat) wasn't to happy for the first week here as there are 3 cats living upstairs and in his mind, all critters are either predator or prey. He has since come to terms with sharing the house and yard and has made himself at home upstairs with his 3 new girlfriends. He continues to amaze me with his adaptability with my crazy life and continues to grow and become more loving all the time. Such a change from the terrified,shy guy that he was when I first found him. I am so grateful he is in my life, he is such a lovebug these days. It's wonderful to have another breathing being to come home to and cuddle.

Casper the Lovebug

My van is on it's last legs these days, barely starting most days and a meriad of funny noises that give me great cause for concern when driving. Luckily, one of Davids tenents had an old Geo Metro that he had no use for and gave it to me. I am so happy to have a reliable vehicle ( and super cheap on gas, only 3 cylinders!!) especially with winter breathing down our neck.

I'm really enjoying living in a real neighborhood again. Plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes within a few blocks walk and lots of lovely old heritage homes to drool over all around me. I am much closer to all my jobs now, which translates into a few more minutes of sleep time in the mornings ( it's a good thing :) )

In other news.... Here is a picture of one of the big barges that come down our river, gives you an idea why we get nervous about them losing control and hitting the marina. Look how big it is, it's blocking the view of the 3 story condos on the other side

Here is another picture of one of the boats down here that sank a few weeks ago. It had been moved from one location to another and the owner said not to worry about hooking up the bilge as it was late and cold and he wanted to go home, saying he would be back in the morning to deal with it. An old patch on the side had fallen off unbeknowgst to any of us and coupled with a night of torrential rainfall through an uncovered hatch caused it to fill with water and go down overnight. David got it floating again after 2 days of non-stop work which it looks like he won't be getting paid for as the owner won't return any of his phone calls. Tuff business, this living on the water. Makes me kinda glad to be a landmonkey again. That being said, I miss the water terribly and can't wait to get my house built and hang out with the beavers,otters and herons again. Hopefully that day comes sooner than later.