Friday, January 15, 2010

Survived Another Year

Hi, everyone out there doing ok? Was this last year as tumulteous for you as it was for me? By the way if you read my blog and have never left a comment, I would love a hello from you and let me know if there is anything in particular you want to hear about.

So 2009 started with tons of good intentions
-quit smoking (lasted 6 months) :(
-work out ( lasted 1 month)
-finish my boat ( she went to her final resting place in March)
-start teaching some courses ( totally forgot about that one till I reread my posts) :|

Once the boat was gone I spent about 6 months trying to find somewhere to plant my feet.Lots of false moves and starts took all the energy and time I could muster.A pinched nerve in the heat of all heat waves to beat all set me back financially although my tan had a great summer.

I finally decided on building my own floathome. I got a float and spent the next 6months scouring craigslist for free material and appliances to furnish my floating dream. I eventually managed to fill a 40 foot container with my found treasures. At this point it is still but a dream in progress. I need a few things before I continue on. First , I need an architecht to help me put together a list of material and structural considerations. Then I need a sizeable chunk of change to purchase framing,siding and roofing materials. I not sure my float will be sturdy enough for what I want to do so am kind of holding back to see if anything better comes along. Then there is always the matter of where do I park it once it's built? I'm not sure how long I am willing to keep paying for storage but hopefully something comes together by this summer.

I finally moved from the marina in November. I spend about half the week here visiting with David and the other half at my new space in town. I'm enjoying this transition period alot. Being in town,surrounded by community, I have come out of my shell ( or escaped the Mitchell Island vortex) and started having a social life again. Whatever last year brought, it certainly brought lots of music and great parties. I've lived in Vancouver now for 20 years and finally feel like I belong to a community. I have the greatest friends in the world and live in an increadiably beautiful city.

The holiday festivities continued on. New Years Eve , I treated myself to a fascial, massage and a visit to my hairdresser goddess Dee.

I took the new me to a house party to celebrate and make music with my friends. The next day, a few of us treated ourselves to brunch at the Hyatt. A few days later it was my birthday and my dear friend Daryl had me and a few friends over for dinner,cake and music.

Yummy birthday cake with one discreet candle

The next day David got back from his trip home and we spent the weekend back at my friends cabin in the hills. Just what the Dr. ordered, peace and quiet, no phones or responsibilities.

Just in time for the boxing day sales, my refurbuished computer drew it's last breath. I got myself a great new computer on which this post is being written. I love it, it's very fast, Windows 7, lots of features. I've spent the last two weeks sorting it all out rebuilding my music library and finally going through 60 gigs of photos, deleting 8 gigs of bad ones and putting all the rest in indentifiable folders. Phew... huge job, but I feel better now with everything all organized.

So as always at the top of my resolution list is to get in shape again. Now that I'm reasonably settled in life, I'm hoping to have a better go at it this year.
My other goal is to just get out more. I live in a beautiful part of the world with all kinds of nature options to enjoy and music festivals to take in. I haven't done anything around here in years. I hope this changes this year. Going to the cabin was a good start, it's close by but feels a million miles from the city.

I wish for you all, smiles and sunshine,good health and fortune for this year.
xxoo Rhianna