Saturday, October 11, 2008

How I Waste Time to Avoid Working on the Boat

Ive been playing an online game called TextTwist.You get 6 jumbled letters and try to make as many words out of them in the alotted time.My best score in one run is 14,600. Im totally addicted and play half the night.Not getting much work done but sharpening up the rusty brain skills, all good.

Go ahead , try a game, its free, but dont blame me if you dont get anything else done for awhile:)

Ive always had a facination with hobbity looking houses and ever since I went to see that funky floathome a few weeks ago, Ive been checking out other cool architecture online.

One of the sites I stumbled across is about Fairy Houses. The concept is to build a tiny house out of natural objects and place them in your garden or in the woods for fairies to inhabit. It sure got my creative juices going, wish I had the time to try and make a few. Heres one site that sells them premade but I suggest you google image fairy houses to see what other people have created.

Here's a site about handbuilt houses. This is the gallery page showing a variety of houses, if you click on Home it shows the authors house.There are some great links to other sites with similar buildings and info on sustainable architecture as well

Then there is always "Some Turtles Have Nice Shells", all about truck homes and converted buses ect. Lots of inspiration here too.

Check this one out for sure. Called "Flying Concrete" It shows the most beautiful creative ways of using concrete sprayed over forms Ive ever seen. The possibilities are endless with this stuff.

The Quiet Earth Project, is a bloggish account of one womans dream to build her own straw bale house.Some good information and links on here as well

So playing games and dreaming of fantasy houses have been my way of not going crazy in this time of stress and aggravation.I think its working so far :)

PS Im so sorry, I can't for the life of me figure out how to make the links automatic, so you will have to copy and paste to check them out.


Tim Zim said...

Procrastination lessons, I'm in that same class :)

Spent the day lying in my bunk, 'monitoring' my battery bank voltage while reading a book.

cyberangel said...

Whoohoo, new score, 19,710.
My procastination skills are improving every day lol

Jamie said...

I used to play that with my kids all the time, but had forgotten it. Thanks for the reminder; Brock and I had fun with it.

Not as far north as Vanc on this round, but one of these days! I would love to meet you as well :)

bowiechick said...

Rhianna, as per our conversation of last night, here is some good advice.

Anonymous said...

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