Saturday, December 15, 2007

Whats in a Number?

I find myself attracted to certain numbers. I always seem to look at the clock when it reads 11:11 or 2:22 ect. I met David on April 14th, got my boat home on August 14th,got running water on December 14th, coincidence, I think not. The boats name is Lucky 7, 7 being a component of 14!!

Well after looking at the water heater, David thought it looked pretty bad so we looked on Craigslist and found a 30 gallon electric water tank, brand new for $100. He hooked it up at his place and ran some hoses over to my boat, so (drum roll please....) I now have running water, hot and cold! I'm soo happy!

Today I did my dishes in the sink, and tonight had my first bubble bath, complete with candles and a glass of Grand Marnier to celebrate. What a luxery, I will never take running water for granted again. I spent the day finishing up my Christmas shopping and buying some stuff to get my tub ready. I still need to hang up my shower curtain rod which is proving to be a supreme hassle, but I will prevail.


bowiechick said...


I think you left your shampoo in the shower tho...

rob said...

14 is good for me too because when ever I go to check the date on my watch one of the hands is inevitably covering it! true, honest!!! its the same sort of thing as when I look at a cow in a field it always deficates, or very soon after :o)) unusual happening eh? Your bath looked very plesant and enjoyable, amazing what a little plumbed in hot water can bring, no more cold walks to the shower block! wheres the low lighted, flickering, scented candles then? I guess thats too much to ask for a first off.

rob said...

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year!