Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Trip to the Aquarium

">Sorry I havent been about much this month. I got the flu and missed about 10 days of work. Needless to say I wasnt doing much so nothing to write about.David eventually caught it as well but a friend recommended a product call "Cold FX". Seemed to work good for him, he was fine within a few days, I suffered for two weeks and still have a cough and congestion.

On Wednesday we decided to get out and go to the Vancouver Aquarium. I havent been there in about 16 years so was looking forward to it. Here are some pictures that turned out. My favorites by far were the sea otters. They were extremely playful and affectionate with each other, so cute, I could have watched them for hours. I want some now as pets lol, just have to figure out how to keep them here :)

They used to have killer whales at the aquarium but as they died off they decided not to replace them. Its for the best, it made me feel so sad to see such a magestic creature trapped in a fishbowl, but at the same time, it was an awesome experiance for people who may never see a whale in the wild. They had a big viewing window below the pools surface. It was amazing to stand there and have a beast the size of a house glide past inches way from your face. They have split the whale tank into 2 pools and have spinnaker dolphins and beluga whales housed in them. I have to say there is something alien looking about those belugas, they dont quite look like they belong here. They would be downright creepy if they didnt have that sweet smile plastered on their face.

About 20 years ago, I became the keeper of a friends pirahana.It got to be quite large and eventually I donated it to the aquarium.They had a large school of them at the time. I was curious to see them again. Sadly they must have died off because the school and the fish were much smaller then before.

It was nice to go and remind myslf about all the life in the waters around us and our impact on them.

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