Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

I should have posted this last week,but have been working full time ( I decided to take the full time work at the clinic .The goal is to work hard to get all my toys fixed then take off somewhere warm for a few months).

We had one of the strangest weeks for weather Ive experienced in a long time. We had just finally crawled out of old man winters icy grip.The days were longer, the sun slowly gaining strength, the cherry blossoms and daffodils had started to bloom in earnest, when things took a sideways slide to the North. We went from mild sunny days to hail, then snow with flakes the size of "loonies" ( the canadian one dollar coin not the bird), more hail,the day after that we were basking in the sun on Davids deck.

Tana has moved her boat up beside the Bowie and we were surprised to see how much more sun we got on Davids deck once she had left. Ive got a bit of view of water now out my kitchen window. It was cool to see her place out on the river. They just hooked up a small outboard to her back deck and pushed it up river.Reminded me of Tom Sawyer/huckleberry Finn on their raft off to explore the unknown.

Ive got an appointment next week to finally get my boat into the shop to see if they can save the motor or not.Ive got my fingers crossed. Now that things are warming up I cant wait to get out and explore the river myself.

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