Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good News !

Good news, the boat is salvagable! ( HUGE sigh of relief) The shipwright came by this morning and informed me that I could recaulk the boat with sikaflex and paint over it and it would be good enough for sitting at a dock. It seems the biggest mistake I made in rebuilding the boat was not off-centering the new boards. It's too much of a weakness in the structure to have all the seams in the same place. I knew that from reading a book on boatbuilding but as I was originally planning to fiberglass it didn't seem an important issue at the time. I suppose if I really wanted to I could remove the boards and redo it but time is running out for me here so think I will forge on ahead. I don't really care if the boat is seaworthy, I don't plan to take it out unless it's to change location,as long as it floats and doesn't leak, I'll be happy
This seems do-able to me. I just need to get the top and side decks rebuilt and then I can use an airgun to spray the sikaflex in , then paint and I'm back in the water. Whoohoo.( well that and a million other little details like installing all new through hulls etc ,etc but as long as I have a structure to work with, its all good)

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