Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Less Hole in the Ocean

With a heavy heart and thousands of tears shed throughout the day, the Lucky 7 finally met her demise. Everything that could be salvaged from the boat was removed and then with the screech and roar of saws and a bobcat she was most ungracefully dismantled and unceremoniously thrown into a dumpster. I am heartbroken that my beautiful home and all my effort came to this in the end. Farewell my friend , it was a joy spending time with you, lots of good memories, Im so sorry I couldnt save you.


rob said...

:o(( good job though go for steel!

bowiechick said...

Condolences Rhianna.

Jamie said...

Such a roller-coaster ride it has been for you this year! I was sad to see it happen, but I know that you will come through with another adventure. You've learned so much along the way, it can only help things as you make new decisions. And we're right here for you, cheering your Wins! Many hugs!