Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Things Never Change

I have been back down on the water for a few days now and since then the list of challenging problems grows by leaps and bounds.

David is a master of many things but electricity is NOT one of them. Somehow he managed to rewire something so that we were getting 240 power running through the house. Needless to say, the appliances wern't too happy about that at all, so in a few days we fried the fridge, 2 microwave ovens, one toaster oven, a toaster, a 26 inch tv, the satallitte reciever,and the water cooler. I just bought a months supply of groceries yesterday and am sitting here waiting for high tide so we can bring down the fridge from the apartment and keep it from all spoiling. I am on the hunt for cheap new appliances to replace everything we lost.

We finally got rid of the the last of the non- paying squatters who were living down here. They could have been such nice people but got so addicted to crack that it took over their lives and made them most unreasonable to deal with. Stuff went missing down here all the time and they stayed up all night doing drugs and looking for ways to be a nuisance. They moved their house to another marina last week and it's so nice and clean and quiet down here now. Their house held Davids out from the shore and with them gone, we tightened up our lines on the house and docks. This resulted in being in too shallow water during low tide and putting a ton of stress on the house, so they were up till 3 am moving stuff around and loosening off the lines in the pissing rain last night. We are sitting pretty now though.

After much thought, David has realized that keeping the shop is a huge expense that he doesnt need at this moment in life, so he is letting it go at the end of the month. I had stored everything I salvaged off my boat in there filling an 8x6 room to the rafters. I also have a stove ,bathtub and bicycle stored there so now have 2 weeks to figure out where Im going to put all this stuff. My storage locker is already full and I don't want to pay yet more money to store stuff off site. I'm loathe to get rid of anything until I know for sure what my next place is going to be. You never know what will come in handy. David has his work cut out for him, he has the whole massively huge building stuffed with tons of tools and equipment, a mobile home, his office furniture, two forklifts, a bunch of building material,tons of his artwork etc. I have no idea were he is going to put it all but I'm sure the next few weeks will be very interesting as we scramble to get this all done.

My poor cat has been so stressed out with me packing and moving every two weeks. He was an abandoned cat and I am wondering if the people had to move, packed everything up and dumped him because they couldnt take him to the new place. He hates the moving boxes, scratches them to pieces, climbs inside and pees on things and generaly runs around screaming at me while I pack. The last few days he has taken to the loft in Davids house and barely comes down to be sociable. Not like him at all.I hope he can forgive me soon, I feel so bad for putting him through all this.

This year seems to be all about moving for me. Don't know if I mentioned how much I hate moving. Growing up in a military family we moved every year of my childhood. By the time I was 30 I had moved well over 50 times. They say moving, death and divorce are the highest stress factors in people lives. Well I have been pretty much packing and moving non-stop since mid-January and no end in sight just yet. I am praying for the day when I can unpack for once and all, hang up my hat and call myself home at last.

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