Friday, July 10, 2009

Lessons from Nature

I have always felt a deep connection to nature. I am happiest in the forest or near any body of water. I feel so especially blessed each time I am able to sit quietly and watch the wildlife carry on its business in their natural surroundings. Living on the river has given me many opportunities to observe the local flora and fauna as they go about their day. Many of them seem to have adopted us or at the least they tolerate us mucking about in their sanctuary.

Yesterday, I awoke early and went out on the front deck to soak my aching bones in the hot tub. It's a different city at that hour of the morning. The traffic hasn't started its mad rush into the city, everything is quiet and the morning air is a clean, crisp prism that makes everything pop like a 3-D movie. The intoxicating scent of a fresh day sashays through the wildflowers,adding overtones of sweet promises of new beginnings and infinite possiblities.

Into this perfect stillness, a large blue heron glides silently through the honey scented breeze and lands ever so gracefully and softly on the river bank just a few feet away. He takes a moment to ruffle his feathers and adjust the fine silky down that drapes his shoulders, then pulling himself into a dancers elegant pose he begins a beautiful slow tango in the shallows.

Head held high, chest out, neck long, he glided one halting step in front of the other. At the end, he does a few vogue moves, holding himself still as a statue,the only perceptable movement,the wind caressing his downy mane. He slowly marches back to the middle then holds a pose forever, not even a heartbeat to differentiate him from the rest of the floatsome and jetsom nearby.

In the blink of an eye, he bends forward in a great bow and then stretches his neck to the sky, a tiny flash of silver his prize for being able to still his body and mind enough to become one with his surroundings.

Adjusting his silky mantle he ends his dance by spreading his impossibly large wings and lifting towards the heavens like an angel being called home.

Today, I learned to be graceful, patient and present in the moment to reap what this world has to offer.

Thank you beautiful heron for your graceful peformance and timely message.

(PS. These are not my photos, as I was in the tub at the time, so I borrowed some from the internet to illustrate what I was seeing)


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Jamie said...

It's been a a while since you've posted ~ just want you to know that your loyal fans miss you and are eager to hear what's new in your world!