Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Financially Set For Life...

...providing I die before Friday!

Well July didn't turn out to be as lucrative as I thought it would be. After a few weeks of talking, I finally started work at my friends massage clinic. I was only supposed to work two days a week there and would have to build my own practice by going to the office and sit there all day hoping for walk-in business. After the first day, the owner told me she had bursitis and asked me to cover her shifts for the next week. It turned out to be a hectic week with me covering her shifts, my own, plus still working at the other clinic and doing home treatments.That brought in a good chunk of change but as always happens the minute I look like I'm getting ahead,things started falling apart.

My van started overheating and two trips to the mechanic and a thousand dollars later and it still overheats ...sigh. The last day I worked there, I had a guy come in to the clinic and give me some story about how he was a Doctor that worked nearby, knew my boss and he needed to borrow some money for a cab as his car got towed with all his money in it and his pregnant wife needed to get to the hospital, blah, blah, blah, anyway, I gave him 40 dollars to get him out of the office as I was in the middle of a treatment. Turns out my boss never heard of the guy, so I called the cops and found out he had been running the same scam all over town. I felt a fool for falling for it but after some thought, I realized it could have been much worse. He had come in after all the other businesses had closed for the day and had me cornered in the office. If he had pulled a weapon, I would have been utterly helpless. Needless to say, I was less than enthusiastic about going back to work there.

As things would have it, I wouldn't have to worry about it for awhile. I woke up Monday morning with swollen glands and a raw throat. Called in sick in case it was swine flu or something. A few days later we were hit with the heat wave of all time. I couldn't sleep in the bedroom so dragged my mattress out into the living room. I guess as I didn't have a headboard, the pillows fell off during the night and I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck. That was over two weeks ago and I haven't been able to work since.

Ive been in excruciating pain all through my right arm and neck.I have a CT scan this Tuesday to see if they can pinpoint the problem. They tell me I can expect 3 weeks to 3 months to recover from something like this. All I can really do is manage the pain which I do with Demerol and Advil. This makes me too lethargic to do much of anything. The only relief I got was floating in our scummy river on an inner tube with my arm propped up and a frozen drink to cool off with. I never thought I would purposely set foot in our river but with temperatures soaring, it suddenly didn't look so bad after all. I spent hours drifting around in the lagoon half out of my mind with pain and overheating. Rough week!! Thankfully it has cooled off lately, now if the pain would just go away, life would be sweet.

Off course all this non-working means no money to build the house just yet. I think I have found most of the material that I can get for free. Now I need some cash for the framing material.

I did manage to score an awesome wood stove.

It needs a cleaning but is very cool looking. I like it because it doesn't take up alot of space but has two burners on top for cooking.It has lots of style and chrome which needs redoing but it will be worth it when it's finished. I can't wait to get the place built and see all the stuff I've acquired put together. I just have to be the heron and be graceful and patient and not give up.Hope your all having a great summer.xxoo


Jamie said...

When it rains, it pours. Whenever I've managed to set aside a nice little rainy day fund, I've always needed it almost immediately - it's like having it draws the rainy day! Did you cut all your hair? It looks short in the floating-about picture. Hope your neck/shoulder heals up soon!

cyberangel said...

Hi Jamie, yes, everytime I get some extra cash, it always gets spent fixing the things I already have instead of allowing me to get ahead. Such is life I guess. Miss my boat terribly,wishing I had my own home. Didn't cut my hair, its just up in a bun,trying to beat the heat. My arm has been not too bad the last two days, just feeling kinda bruised now as apposed to feeling electrocuted and on fire, so big improvement, going to try working tommorrow, see how that goes. Thanks for checking in, hope your enjoying your spiffed upped boat,happy fishing xxoo

rob said...

Hi R! Nothing good comes easily, keep at it don`t look back, go for it and it will come! :o)) great post too! hope you get better soon.

cyberangel said...

Hi Rob, nice to hear from you, I do read your blog but can't leave comments there as I don't have a google account, I usually use the Name/url option on other blogs but yours doesn't have that for some reason.Hope life is treating you well, sounds like you have a new boat to play with, thats always fun. My arm is slowly improving but I tried working Monday night and was in agony again yesterday so going to give it some more time to heal. Don't mind the time off in summer, my tan is awesome these days, but could definatly use some cash flow in my life, so hopefully I will be back to work soon.

I lked your senility saying so borrowed it to put on facebook, everyone loved it, got tons of comments, so thanks for that.