Friday, September 4, 2009

Why am I always Laboring on Labor Day??

I am having camera issues ( can't get one of them to work and seemed to have lost the cord for the other), so I do have pictures but will have to post them some other time..... Now for our regularly scheduled post.

Davids big barn of a house is finally getting the roof insulated. I found an ad on craigslist for 26,000 feet of free insulation from a tear down of an old folks home. We rented the biggest truck we could get from Budget and spent a day driving out to Maple Ridge and grabbing as much as we could.

At one point,I fell through a hole in the floor at the job site and thought I broke several bones, but was just badly bruised. Gave myself a good scare though. A few minutes for the shock to wear off and I dusted myself off and got back to work. I wasn't giving up on all that insulation. Winter is on its way and this place is a popsicle as soon as the temperature drops. I was sure we had more than enough to do his place and mine, but I think most of it will end up in here.

This job can't be over fast enough for me. I have been lugging insulation around for three days now and can't stand the pain anymore. I have had more cold showers than a horny teenage boy. The place is looking great though, such a difference already. I think one more hard days work and it will all be done. Next chore is get the woodstove in the kitchen hooked up with a chimney and we should be able to survive winter.

I have collected a few more things for my place lately. I got a beautiful hutch that I am going to place either at the end of my built in bed or the far bathtub wall as a place to have a tv and some storage for books or bath goodies. I also got a beautiful antique dish sideboard that will either go in the kitchen to keep with the country kitchen theme I am going for or it will end up as a dining room china cabinet. I have to play with things once I get some walls up and see what looks best.

I have been going to alot of concerts at the PNE this year and some house parties with live bands. Its been nice to be around so much music again. I have been sucked into the vortex that is Mitchell Island and it's so hard to get away from here for even a few hours most of the time. I went to April Wine, Headpins, Randy Bachman and got some decent pictures and an awesome video of April Wines finale. I think I could be a rock photgrapher. Sounds like a fun job to me.

I was at the beach last Friday and I have a funny feeling that that was the last real summer day for me. It was a good one tho. Every musician I know was there and they jammed all day long. I was surrounded by music in every direction. Jamie brought his drum kit to the beach and a bunch of guys had battery operated speakers and electric guitars and basses etc. There were a few banjos, a violin, sax, trumpet, flutes, handdrums, shakers, tamborines, you name it. Best Beach EVER!!!!!!! What a fabulous day. Wish I didn't have to wait another ten months before I have another day like that. That was the best summer I have had in fifteen years, can't believe it's over already.

I ended up selling my 18 ft runabout and the 80 hp motor the other day for the paltry price of $500. I basically gave it away, but it was taking on lots of water and I didn't want to deal with it. I'd rather get my house built, then waste money on an old boat.The thrill of cruising up and down the river wore off quickly once I saw what a gas pig it was. Next boat will be a sailboat for sure. I still have a kayak if I feel the need to go for cruise.

Well its back to the showers for me, I can still feel fiberglass tickling away at me.
Happy Labor Day all, hope your not working too hard!


rob said...

Itchy stuff that, I wish we had an "active" craig list over here! great find, all that "stuff" :o))

cyberangel said...

Hi Rob, at first I misunderstood you and thought you meant you didnt have craigslist at all, so I went and checked and was appalled. I see what you meant by "active" now. I can't believe that in a city with as much population as London has, that nobody is using craigslist. We have pages and pages of stuff in every catagory every day, London only had 2 or 3 postings per day and alot of that was spam. I feel for you. Maybe the English don't like to buy used goods or something. I love to recycle and spend hours a week in thrift stores. You would think that in these tough times people would be looking for a good bargain.

rob said...

Thats for sure I too am disgusted, maybe it will take of eventually? who knows. maybe it needs to be better advertised not sure if I can help though :o((