Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Movie Star Floathome

The last few weeks we have had a couple different movie location scouts come down to the marina and take a look around. This morning we got confirmation that Nickleodeon wants to use Davids floathome for for some scenes in a movie. Filming is slated to start end of October.

I was talking to the location manager and told him I thought I would make a good location scout and he is willing to teach me some things about the job. I'm soo excited. I've wanted a career change for quite awhile now and had no idea what exactly. I think I could be good at something like this, either that or set/ props decoration kind of stuff. Either way,I would love a job that uses more of my creative skills and offers me fresh challenges. I hate routine!

I'm so proud of David for all his hard work in making this place such a cool home. We always get a good reaction from people walking in the door, but to have a roomfull of Hollywood bigwigs all in love with the place just the way it is, was grand to see. Sometimes my life is like a fairytale!!

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Jamie said...

WOW ~ there's a direction I didn't see coming. Another delightful surprise...I love the way you embrace unexpected opportunities! Can't wait to hear more about it.