Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Romantic Home

Ive been following another blog of late,called My Romantic Home.


It has lots of wonderful cottage decorating ideas that I just love such as this great way to recycle old wood windows into a greenhouse garden conservatory.

Today she posted about these architechtual appliques that can be used to dress up your thrift store finds. I can see me buying a ton of these.Check out their site for lots of cool appliques.

I love how she applied one to her bed and what a difference it makes.

Since Ive been reading her blog , I have been collecting thrift store finds that have that cottage feel to them. Unfortunatly, I get stuff so fast and toss it in my storage locker before I remember to take pics. I managed to take a few though.

Here is a rug I got for 45 dollars, its a beautiful soft green colour( for some reason it looks blue in the picture but its not, its green

I found these cool looking jars in thrift stores, the smaller one was in a different store, couldnt believe that I found a matching one.

I love this old candle holder

I found a deal on these at Canadian Tire of all places and bought a dozen of them. They have beautiful purple glass in them. I always wanted a relaxing pillow room and think these would lend the perfect ambience

More junk store treasures....two wonderful fanciful candle holders and a set of small hand- made birdhouses for the patio. I also got a lovely table and chairs that although they are made of resin, have a beautiful rose design in them that makes them look like wrought iron from a distance.Forgot to take a pic of them before they went in the locker.

I really pleased I was able to find two of these containers which I will mount under my home for waste water tanks.They are 4ftx4ftx3ft so should hold lots.Ive been trying to get some of these for months now, so glad that issue is out of the way as I need to install them first before I start building anything.

I got 4 of these windows from a house demo. I'm keeping two for myself and gave David the larger one with the orange frosted glass for his bathroom and the other one for the bedroom loft. It was dark as Hades up there and with no opening to air it out in the heat, quite unbearable on hot sunny days. He just installed it yesterday and what a HUGE difference. It makes the whole house look different to have so much light coming from upstairs and the view is awesome. We laid in bed and watched the full moon rise last night,gorgeous. It also nice to be able to see whats coming down the river at us without having to run downstairs to investigate strange noises. The other night a barge went by and almost took out the other shore from us. Very scary to watch three tugboats grinding away at the hull of the barge trying with all their might to push it away from our neighbors floathome.They just squeaked by with inches to spare.

Our new view from the bedroom

The marina as seen from upstairs

I cant wait to get my place built, as the seasons change, I find myself so restricted as absolutely everything I own is in storage. I may have to go buy a whole new winter wardrobe as I can't find my clothes and don't want to rip out my storage looking for them. In the meantime, I will continue to shop....sigh, life is hard :)


Tim Zim said...

It looks fun there.

Jamie said...

What an awesome addition that window is! I love checking out your finds. I have no "decorator eye" myself, so it's always fun to watch someone put things together with style.