Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome to the First Ever Spring Olympics

Well tonight is the kickoff for the "Winter" Olympics here in Vancouver BC. It's kind of wierd to know the whole world is going to be tuned into our city for the next few weeks.

The weather has not been co-operating at all. I can't think of two completly different winters than the last two we have had here. Last year was a record breaker for snow and bad weather. This year winter never really happened, other than a few days of cold snap. The temperatures have remained in the 5-10 celcius degree range for most of the time. For the first time since I can remember, the local ski hill Cypress has had no snow at all to speak of since Christmas. It definately does not feel winter-like here in the least, as a matter of fact, we have flowers blooming in the garden and when the sun comes out it is down right hot.

I'm torn between wanting the Olympics to be a huge success and proud to show off my beautiful city to the world but scared we are going to make fools of ourselves in front of the international community. We have alot of issues in our city that desparately need attention, such as a huge homeless population, rampant drug and alcohol abuse problems,underfunded or nonexistant care for mentally ill patients and so on. We could have used the money to address these issues and made this city a better place for those that already live here rather than trying to entice yet more people to come and raise the property values even more. I forsee lots of demonstrations as our city hangs out it's dirty laundry at the biggest party ever. I just pray it doesn't get ugly.

I don't know if it's a foreshadowing of things to come but an athelete has already died while practicing for a sledding competition on a track that has already seen other injuries.Not a great way to start things off. Thirty atheletes have just been banned from competing due to doping charges. That one I just don't get at all. They know it's illegal, they know they will be tested, so why not just get in the spirit of the game and just be your personal best without trying to cheat. Mano a mano, may the best one win.

For the most part, I just can't wait for it to all be over. I can't afford the exhorbitent prices to actually go see any of the events, the free ones sound fun but there is the issue of getting to the venues as a lot of the roads are closed down,so it's join the masses trying to vye for seats on public transportation,pray there are still seats available once you get there and deal with a military state while trying to enjoy the event. I just pray it all goes smoothly,no major incidents,and everyone goes away with a positive memory of Vancouver.I hope with all my heart that this party will leave a positive legacy for our city and that somehow the funds that we need to deal with our issues will be generated as a result of all the attention.

Go Canada Go!!!


rob said...

Wow! those Canadian Ladies ice hock girls are great arent they? I can`t wait to see how the get on against the US team. they are certain for a gold or silver I think?

rob said...

What about those Hockey girls then? A gold and a bol*ocking for smoking cigars and drinking champagne on the ice :o)) what about jumping the ice smoother Haa haaa! they are some team. Well done Canada