Friday, June 3, 2011


I bought a book recently, called Angel Numbers 101, by Doreen Virtue. In it, she assigns a message from the angels to each number from 0-999. I often see repetitive numbers in my life ( as I am sure we all do at some point) and thought it would be nice to try and understand what the universe was trying to tell me.

One set of numbers that I see all the time is 1:11 or 11:11. This is what she had to say about them.

111 - This number brings you the urgent message that your thoughts are manifesting instantly, so keep your mindset focused on your desires. Give any fearful thoughts to heaven for transmutation.

11 - Stay positive, your  thoughts are materializing rapidly, so you want to insure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, others and this situation

1- Stay positive. Everything you are thinking about right now is coming true, so be sure you are only thinking about what you desire. Give any fears to God and the angels.

Do you see the trend here? So I started to think about my thoughts and how I word things and what manifests from that. As do many people, I sometimes let fear take over my thoughts and start thinking in a negative way when it comes to possible outcomes.

In the grand scheme of things, I worry about all kinds of  worldly stuff and desire certain outcomes in my personal life. I decided that if the universe is that on top of my needs, ( I really see these numbers ALL the time) that I had better make sure I was asking for the things I really want. So this is what I want  my life to look like:

1. I want my schedule at work to be comfortably full with balanced breaks. I want to receive payment for this work in a timely fashion.

2. I want to earn enough money to pay all my bills, renovate my home, take vacations and have enough left over for treats and a rainy day.

3. I want to experience good health and a fit constitution. I want a body that  is a joy to have and behold.

4. I want to be surrounded by loving friends and family and to share my hospitality with them.

5. I want my pets to remain my loving, constant companions in excellent health for many years to come.

6. I want the people in my life to be happy, healthy and prosperous.

7. I want peace.Peace on earth, peace between neighbors, friends, family, peace and quiet.

8. I want my home to be all that I dream it to be. I want it to be my sanctuary, my inspiration, my gift to my friends.

9.I want to die, knowing that I made a difference. That I helped people, that I took care of the planet, that I learned the lessons that I was sent here to learn.

10.I want the planet to be ok .I want clean air, clean water and land set aside for all the other creatures that call Earth home. I want people to get off the plastic tit, RIGHT NOW! TODAY!

11. I want my story to inspire other people. Don't think your actions alone are too small to make a difference. It is the action of each individual person that got us where we are today and each individual person has the power to change that if that's what they want. I want people to take responsibility for their actions and make the changes necessary to create a better civilization. I want people to be better stewards of the land, better neighbors, better politicians etc. We have to work together for the health of all or we are doomed as a species.

So if the universe is listening and manifesting, that's how I want my desires to read, if you hear any other thoughts coming from me that are fear based, please disregard and file with the appropriate angel. Thank you and good night!

What would you wish for ?

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