Saturday, May 31, 2008

My New Mousecatcher

A stray cat was hanging round the marina for the last week or so. I would hear its pitiful howling from under the woodpile whenever I walked by. Finally I decided to try and catch it. I got it out with a can of tuna but it was too scared to follow me down the dock as there were alot of people and dogs about. A little while later Tana managed to catch him and brought him down to me. He jumped on board and wouldnt set foot outside again for a week. Havent seen hide nor hair of a rodent since he has been on board.Yahoo! He is a good cat,very quiet and respectful of my stuff.He has started to go out for long stretches of time now, which worried me the first time but he always comes back at some point. He/she ( Im not quite sure) is quite tiny and finds the strangest hiding spots on the boat. I call him Casper because he can just vanish in here, which is quite a feat in such a tiny overstuffed place!

In other animal news here is a picture of Miss Bridgette and her new babies...sooo cute!

Our neighbor Micheals new kitten managed to get its head stuck in a hole in the cupboard.Try as they may they couldnt get it out , so had to remove the whole board and cut it away.The kitten is fine but was a funny sight to see


bowiechick said...

I've not seen Bridget's brood yet but heard she had a good crop of nine chicks and there they are!

You'll have to submit that picture of Mike's kitten to lolcats:

rob said...

"Local man takes Idea from chinese and attempt to eat kitten brains" :o)) that should get them going Tee Hee.