Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Worlds Shortest Vacation

About mid-month I got the urge to go to Vancouver Island for a few days.I left here in the morning , caught the 10am ferry by the skin of my teeth and was in Qualicum Beach by 12:30.I checked in with my friend Cora and went off shopping in Coombs for a few hours. I found a great deal on a teak staircase shaped cupboard and after much struggle got it into the car with not a millimeter to spare. I envisioned it in my kitchen and thought for sure it would fit.

Next it was backs to Coras where I spent almost $500 dollars in about 15 minutes on a new wardrobe. She has the cutest clothes in her shop and I pretty much bought one of everything.I stayed for dinner and checked out their wedding pics from a trip they just took to a Carribean Island ( St Lucia , I think it was??) Beautiful place, beautiful wedding, congratulations guys xxoo

After dinner , I hightailed it up to Courtenay and dropped in on my friends Wes and Jim. Jim told me about a book detailing how to cover a wooden boat with fiberglass. Ive tracked down a copy on Amazon and have it on order, cant wait to check it out.I left there around midnight and went to a hotel. They had advertised a pool and jacuzzi and I was really looking forward to soaking in some screaming hot water( our on demand propane had been getting colder by the day as we played with the adjustments trying to find some heat), I was desperate for a good long soak.Alas they closed the pool at 10 pm, I missed my shot. The bastards didnt bother to let me know that the roof was being reroofed at the crack of dawn.I didnt even get to sleep in. I made up for it with a 2 hour blazing hot shower,made sure I got my moneys worth out of that room !

Much refreshed, I headed up to the cemetary to bring my Mom some belated Mothers days flowers. When I was done there, I went by Dads old property where I used to live.When I was there it was a mobile home sitting on a acre with a large garage in front. The people who bought the place left the mobile home there and built their house right around it! I dont have a before pic but here's what it looks like now. You would never know there was a mobile home in there from the outside.

I then went to see my Uncle Roland who lives on my Grandmothers old farm.It was the last place I lived when I was in Courtenay and still holds alot of memories for me.He took me up to Merville by the back road which I had never been on before. It was awesome, all nature ,woods and farms, lots of green and fresh air, just what the Doctor ordered. While I was there I went into an RV place to find out what they had for small appliance options. I got a good deal on a Propane cookstove and picked that up.When we got back to the farm, I had Roland cut me some of Grans honeysuckle to try and root back here.It has the most lucious smell, I hope I can get it to grow for me.

Then it was off to town for something to eat and a visit with my Aunt Hilary. We had a nice chinwag out in the sun and then I went to do some power shopping before everything closed for the day.Another couple of hundred dollars later and I was finally on my way back home.

It was a short and sweet trip but I managed to spend $1500 in total in less than 48 hours... not bad if I say so myself.

Unfortunately the wood shelf couldnt find a place on my boat after all.Its at Davids right now while I ponder whether to sell it or keep it in case I get a bigger place someday.Looks like Im building my kitchen storage myself, I cant seem to find anything suitable. Ive never sanded wood and varnished ect, so a bit nervous about the whole thing.Its definately on the project list for sure tho.

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