Friday, May 30, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

Whew, so May was a very busy month, kept meaning to get on here, but never had the time or energy. In the last month, the Pacific Express caught on fire( its the big boat beside me)( they managed to save it), another boat sank twice,( you can read more about those incidents on Tanas blog).

David has continued to drag in vast quantities of material,barges and docks ( you can read more about Davids doings on my other blog "The Mad Canadian". I have been busy getting all kinds of stuff done on my boat in between working tons and a quick trip to Vancouver Island.

This month I accomplished quite a bit. The van is finally tuned up, cleaned up and running again. I used it to take in my 2 Mercury motors( a 7.5hp and an 85hp) to see if they can be repaired. They won't get a chance to look at them until next week, I have my fingers crossed in the meantime. I can't wait to get out on the water and go exploring.

I finally found some nice material and am getting my couch reupholstered. Here are some before and after pictures of it.

The local Rona in Richmond is closing their store , so I got a deal on a 6 drawer wicker and wood cabinet that fits in my bedroom for more storage(Its a good thing :))
I also picked up another stain-glass lamp to replace the ugly bit of tracklighting thats over the couch and some nice wood to build a kitchen counter.

I found a deal on a nice 2 burner propane stove top that I will set into the counter with the convection oven below it. Here is a before shot of the stove and oven waiting for their new home to be built.

We finally got a technician in to look at our propane on-demand water heater. He did some adjustments and we now have screaming hot water, Hallaluyah!!!!!! David got his shower up and running the other day and it works awesome. Its a huge shower stall with 2 shower heads, a waterfall and 2 seats built in. I dont mind my tub/shower set-up but what a treat to be able to stand in a shower again.

Davids cousin Paul has moved out here for the summer from Windsor Ontario. He is staying at Davids house and helping him build his empire.Davids off to England next week to see his Daughter so he has Paul servicing all the equipment and re-doing our electrical nightmare before he goes, so all will be safe. Its nice to know I wont be on my own when he goes as something breaks down pretty much every day around here. Id be camping for sure.

We have been getting some sun down here as of late, so Ive dragged over my BBQ, table and umbrellas and have been making good use of Davids floating front deck.Summer at the marina is most definately more fun than winter!! I miss going kayaking, but the freshet has been running very hard this last week and Im worried I'll get swept downstream. As soon as things calm down, I want to load the kayak in the van and take it up to the North Shore where they are supposed to have awesome places to go.

Well I have to go to work but will try and post the rest of the news tonight along with some pics.xxoo

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