Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Does This Ever Happen to You?

I have had a weird relationship with all things electrical all my life.I first noticed it as a child when not one watch I ever owned would keep time.

I dont just mean they were a few minutes off either.I could set my watch at noon and half an hour later it would read 9am or some such thing.What kind of watch goes backward at light speed? Funny enough when I would look at the watch it was always ticking forward at a normal rate, take my eyes off of it for a few minutes and it would read hours of difference. I gave up and have never worn a watch since.

In my life I have had a VCR that would turn itself off and on whenever it felt like it, a desktop computer that would turn itself on ( usually at 3 am scaring me half to death), a toaster that would only toast one side of each piece of bread,a million unexplainable computer glitches that magically sort themselves out after 10 computer geniuses have given up,and strangest of all, a mysterious black box that shows up on my tv screen. The box blanks out about two thirds of my tv screen and the only way to make it go away is to hit the volume button once. This sometimes cures it for the night, sometimes it comes back constantly for hours.Even stranger is sometimes this black box gets writing in it, like someone is using it for a computer screen, only the writing never makes any sense. Sometimes it looks like Russian, the other day it was an url repeated over and over. Strangest of all, is this is the second TV Ive owned that has done this at two different addresses.

Oh yeah, and I can blow out street lights just by driving past them. Happens all the time to me. The street I lived on in Richmond was pretty much in darkness the whole time I lived there. They would replace the bulbs only to have me drive by the next night and blow them all again. My record was seven in one night.

So Jamie(MV Katherine Jane) while I can commiserate with all your recent woes with modern technology, until you have had me on board to really screw things up, you ain't seen nothing yet. Hope it all sorts itself out soon for you.

My TV screen with its annoying black box, no writing in it today.

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bowiechick said...

Greig too can't wear a watch. They always just stop. He takes the thing off and it will always start up again. One of the wierdest things I've ever seen.