Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Progress Update

Well pretty much all the caulking is out now. Ive been picking away at it a few hours at a time over the last week and yesterday David spent the whole day on it. He has started routering all the seams to prepare them for being refilled with fairing putty.He has another good day of work to do before that job is all done.His hands are killing him as are mine ( ripping out caulking is HARD work)so it will get done in a few days when we have recuperated.

In the meantime, I got my plywood patches all covered in resin ( along with half the shop and a nasty resin burn on my chin). I ran out of catalyst, so off to the shops today to get more so I can install the patches tomorrow.

The bottom of the boat still needs to be grinded to remove the old paint and some boards need to be cut to fill in the places the patches dont cover. Then all the seams filled with putty and sanded.Once that is all done, the hull of the boat will be ready for fiberglassing.

Before that happens though, I still have to deal with rebuilding the side decks and window frames.So much to do, so little time, even less strength and energy. SIGH!!

As a diversion from all of this, we went out to a Halloween party Fridy night.What a blast! My friend Taylor had just moved into a 7 bedroom mansion in the tony North Vancouver heights.It has a spectacular view of the city, a living room the size of a barn and a gorgeous fireplace in the kitchen.There was a full band set up in the living room, a large dance floor space and all were dressed in costume.

I had noticed a large piece of fabric draped from the ceiling and was trying to guess what it was.I thought it was a hammock but was floored when I found out what it really was. Taylor came out dressed in a long flowing white dress, unhooked the fabric so it hung straight down from the ceiling. She then separated it into several pieces which she put around her wrists and ankles. Suddenly she was flying through the air on the coolest swing Ive ever seen. She could rearrange the fabric in different ways and do different poses that looked like floating ballet.Too cool, I want one.Apparently there are courses here in town to learn how to do it, I cant wait to try it out.Im not the most graceful person around, so doubt Ill ever make it look as good as she did, but looks like so much fun, Im willing to give it a go. Good thing David has a large open style house,its the perfect place for practicing something like this.

Taylor on her swing

The beautiful kitchen fireplace

Me and a few of my friends in costume

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Jamie said...

That looks like a lot of fun ( and very sexy too). I finally got around to adding a link to you ~ been meaning to do it forever! Have a great day; no more resin burns!