Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things I'm Grateful For

1. That Im not living on my boat at the moment. Its seriously cold here. I never thought I would see this.....

The Fraser River filled with ice.

We went down to check on things last night and were shocked to see how much ice had come down the river.The sound of it grinding against the shore and the boats was seriously spooky. Tana's video of it crashing into their marina was terrifying to watch

2. All the water hoses have been frozen for a week.David keeps taking them apart and thawing them out, but they refreeze overnight. I am so grateful we still have running water in the shop.

3. My friends Shelly and Todd have invited us over for Christmas dinner. Yahoo, she is an awesome cook and has a wonderful cozy home, I can't wait to be there. My favorite part about Christmas is the decorations and sharing food and good times with friends and family.Im grateful to Shelly for providing that for us, I dont have it in me this year to transform our pile of half-finished projects into something that looks festive.

4. My awesome cat that has been braving the subzero temperatures ,to spend the night in the living room and do battle with all the wild creatures trying to get in here.
Racoons, squirrils and a host of rodents have had to do battle with him , but the food stash is still safe.


rob said...

How do you keep squirrels out of the loft I have just found a great pile of scat from them so I have put down Rat poison and a couple of snares. Would that do the trick? Of course I could get a pet constrictor and leave him up there but when he reaches 230 pounds he may come through the ceiling and frighten the natives, which once happened to my relations (as Kids, in there house ) who are Japanese.

cyberangel said...

Hmm I dont know. I have no control of the rodents in the attic. I leave the living room sliding door open a bit so the cat can come and go.The local wildlife think Ive opened it for them and wander in from time to time. The cat not so politely escorts them back out.

I would seriously crap my pants if a huge snake dropped through my ceiling. Now you have me wondering what all the noise in the attic was.