Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lost and Found

I tried this blogging thing back in 2005. I had spent 2002-2003 travelling around the world. I started by going to work in an isolated fishing resort for the summer, then spent 6 months exploring China, Hong kong, New Zealand and Indonesia. At that time I was way more computer illiterate. I was just learning how they worked and trying hard to master the keyboard. Typing was a time consuming, laborious process and internet connections were usually dodgy or outrageously expensive. I kept in contact with friends and family by posting an online diary of my travels and experiences. When I found out about blogging, I copy and pasted all my emails to a blog which I then immediately lost track of.

I often wondered where it had gotten to, and stumbled upon it tonight. So I present to you ......the Adventures of Cyberangel


Im sorry but apparently the concept of paragraphs didnt occur to me when I was writing it, if I can get back into it I will try and edit it to make it an easier read. I lost thousands of pictures that I had taken on my travels when my computer caught on fire about 2 minutes after I finished downloading them all( and yes, I had already formated the camera :( ).I think I still have a few kicking around on cd,s somewhere, so will try and track them down and add them to the posts .

It was another time of transtition for me. I had just gone through a bancruptcy after BC medical took massage therapy off the plan. Just when life seemed totally bleak, the universe stepped in and gave me the time of my life.Im glad I documented it and wished I had this technology when growing up as I have had many adventures in life. Oh well never to late to start and Im sure I will have many more adventures to entertain you with.

Happy travels, Rhianna xxoo

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rob said...

Thanks for sharing them with us!