Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve

So a few weeks ago, David suggested we hold a New years Eve party down on his floathome. I had my doubts as it still needs a ton of insulation to cope with the freezing temperatures and at the time was in utter kaos from ongoing renos.
With all the recent bad weather lately, all our energy has gone into survival mode and trying to keep everything afloat down here. David spent the whole night on the
29th doing a salvage job on a friends boat that sunk. He didnt get in till 6 am and didnt get much sleep the next day. Too exhausted to get much done, we decided to get a good nights sleep and tackle the house in the morning.

I really thought there was so much to do, that we would never be able to pull it off. Goes to show you the power of positive thinking. I decided when we got up that this was all going to be ok, everything would get done in a timely manner and no stress would be required. I wish I had taken some before and after pictures but we pulled off a miracle.

In 7 hours we:
-got the power lines fixed and power restored to the house
-got the water hoses defrosted and hooked back up
-got the bathroom put back together ( he had ripped it all apart to install a jacuzzi tub)
-got plastic stapled up over the ceiling to retain heat
-dusted and vacummed about a half an inch of sawdust out of the whole place
-rearranged all the furniture
-washed every dish in the house
-decorated the place with a bunch of Davids artwork
-cleared all the decks,docks,ramps and paths of snow and ice,laid down salt and put down some chickenwire on the docks
-cut a bunch of firewood to heat the place
-made a trip to Richmond to shop for groceries and other party supplies and to pick up a drum kit
-cooked up a feast of food
-lit a hundred candles

Unfortunately due to the weather and other social commitments not alot of people were able to attend, but we had fun anyway. There were enough musicans to entertain us with song, enough food for an army and the house has never looked better. It was an honor to have our friends with us to toast in the New Year.

Me taking a moment of rest with the food in front and the decorations behind me

David in front of his art

The stage set for the musicians

A jam under way

My biggest concern with having the party was peoples safety. The weather has made the roads and docks very treacherous. Funny enough the only person to fall on the docks was me and I did it four times last night! One of them really wrenched my knee, so Im laid up in bed today with ice packs on it. Not how I wanted to start the year but hopefully it gets better fast and today I will just enjoy a relaxing day off with my sweetie.

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