Thursday, August 2, 2007

And life just ticks along

So thats the way the universe works. I had a lovely day on the beach, very relaxing and calm. Today I got a phone call from an associate asking if I was free this weekend. As I am suddenly quite unemployed it so happens I am free so I asked why. He offered me a job working at Reo Rafting up in Boston Bar. I get free room n' board and a free raft trip as well as $40 an hour for any massages I can manage to book. I leave tomorrow afternoon (Friday) and get back Monday night. Even if I dont get any work, I have a free room and meals in a cool resort and the chance to make some money. I want to buy a floathome and have my eye on one but need $500 to get a marine survey done on it for insurance purposes. Hopefully I make more than I spend while Im there. This is why its good not to give up and panic, all will be revealed in time, just have to believe that the universe has your best interests at heart. So off on another adventure, should be fun although I have to admit, River Rafting is one of those things that terrify me, so it will be good to face another fear and conquer it. Wish me luck!

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