Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Lost Weekend

So the weekend at the Rafting Resort was nice and uneventful. The sun shone the whole time, the place was packed with people, the food was good and healthy(lots of fruit and salads,fish and chicken), my roomate was a lovely woman who was on a mission to experience as much of life as possible, and the staff very friendly. I ended up doing 10 massages netting 400$ plus about 100$ in tips. Only spent 50$ and 3/4's of a tank of gas, so not a waste of time. I had lots of quiet time to walk in the woods, sit by the river and read a book. The fresh air up there did wonders for my lungs ( I have asthma and the summers in the city really affect me).

I didnt end up going rafting after all. I took a poll of all the people I talked to about their experience, they all had fun but some said I should go and some said I shouldnt. Several boats tipped over and one lost their guide. That worried me. I have some pictures of the boats coming down the river to the lodge, just watching them was scary enough. I was contemplating going anyway but was told I had 2 hot stone massages booked right after lunch. They are an ordeal to set up for and sometimes the rafts are late coming back, so didnt want to chance it. It turned out, they didnt care what kind of massage they got, so I did my usual thing instead. Im glad as the cleanup time was way less and I was able to pack up shortly after. I wanted to hit the road before dark and didnt leave till 8 pm as it was.

Traffic going home was flowing smoothly until Abbotsford, where it ground to a halt and creeped along at a stunning 10 km/hr. I finally had phone service and got ahold of David who told me about an alternative route. Bless his soul, I was home in an hour, even with good traffic that trip would have taken almost twice that if I had stayed on the highway.

In other news, just before I left to go away, I found an ad on craigslist for a free live aboard boat. I didnt have time to deal with it so asked David to contact the guy for me. Well it sounds like we are getting it but have been playing phone tag with the guy. Keep your fingers crossed for me please. Its super cute, a 1933 old rum runner, 30ft long. David knows where I can get a good motor for reasonable price and the steering stuff is all there. I still want to buy a proper floathome that I can put my furniture and shop in, but this will make a nice getaway/floating cabin. Im soooo excited, I cant wait to see it. And its FREE!!!!! My kind of bargain! Till next time, keep your dreams alive and be careful what you wish for. xx

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