Saturday, August 4, 2007

Going nowhere fast

I guess I have lived in a traffic bubble for the last 15 years or so. I work weekends and nights, so miss rush hour traffic during the day, and dont leave town on the weekends. I had a rude awakening yesterday. I kind of figured traffic would be thick going through town but once I got over the Port Mann Bridge that it would be clear sailing from there. I was soooo wrong. We crawled all the way to Chilliwack at 20km/hr and lots of full on stopping. I couldnt understand it. Its a 4 lane highway with no traffic lights on it, why are people stopping? I finally got past the "wack" and it was open road from there. The last 8 km of the road is gravel and my old car didnt appreciate that too much. It managed to hold together but has a chorus of new squeaks and funny noises for me to worry about. The driveway into here is a very steep, long dirt road which was hard enough to get down, Im a little concerned about my ability to get back up it. My car has basically no traction whatsoever, I could spin out on spit.

So once I got here, I discovered my Cabin was in fact a tent cabin with nothing in it but a bed. I was expecting electricity, a lightbulb, maybe a sink and toilet, Nope! Its right on the edge of a cliff with a raging river right behind it. I dont mind the sound of a trickling brook to fall asleep to but this sounds like Im right under the Hoover Dam, a deafening roar. It took a bit of getting used to before I could fall sleep. A few hours later the tent was flooded with bright morning light and that was the end of the sleep. Im ready for a nap but of course people want massages now, so back to the grind.

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Checking out the blog. I can so help you with uploading pictures.

Also I found a new neat link to an external site for uploading pics with a slide show. Much more user friendly and you can link it into blogger. Let's make a date and we'll do a crash course on this stuff.