Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another Addition to the Fleet

Well the New Year is off to a good start. I just bought an 18 1/2 ft Glastron speedboat. It has an aluminum roof welded to the top and sides which will make it nice and safe for hauling logs and keeping us dry. It was just the boat with no motor ect but I have the 85 Johnson I can put on it and all the steering cables are there. I need a Marine radio and some gauges,but other than that ,the boat is pretty much ready to go. I cant wait to be able to get out and explore my backyard.Im looking forward to being able to take it to Wreck Beach next summer. Whoohoo, no more stairs!!(There are about 400 stairs straight up a cliff which is the only access to the beach,a heart attack inducer if ever there was one.)

Got disappointing news yesterday when I called the guy with the Kayaks to tell him I had the money for the second one. Turns out he up and sold it on me to someone else. Asshole, Im not too impressed, I wanted David to have one as well so we could go out together. Im not brave enough to go by myself at this point. Hopefully I can find another deal on one before the weather warms up.

I cant complain though, in 5 months I have managed to aquire every kind of boat Ive ever wanted, a live aboard, a kayak and a speedboat. And they are all paid for, no money owing on any of them. Life is good.

Work has been insane, only 3 days off this month, but Im glad to have the extra money to go boat shopping with. Im praying that the log salvaging business works out and I can retire from the Massage industry. We get conflicting stories from people, some saying there is tons of money to be made and others saying there is none. I dont know who to believe, so will just cross my fingers and hope for the best. Nothing ventured , nothing gained. I am going to need alot of money to get the wood hull on my live-aboard fixed this summer and am hoping the log salvaging will pay for that. Another day, another adventure, its all good.xxoo

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rob said...

I used to have a Kliepper slalom 59 fold up canoe. It was made of bamboo "sticks and covered in a talored bag which sprung into position, ythe sort that the coccleshell heros used in the second world war to blow up the "Turpitz" I was cruisin along the river bank and up into a small "cut" and I spotted a couple of girls that I thought needed impressing :o)) so I started an eshimo roll, only to find that the water was about a foot deep so there I lay on my side looking stupid, with the girls running into the water to help me up as they thought I was in trouble! story of my life really Tee Hee :o))