Saturday, January 26, 2008

Super-Mouse Strikes Again!!

Well Ive been a mouse. Not just any mouse, but super mouse.This mouse appears to be indestructable. Ive gone through five rat traps. He is able to remove the bait without setting them off. The last trap just disappeared altogether. Ive hunted high and low for it but its gone. Im thinking the mouse figured it was the golden egg of mouse traps. Just remove the food and more shows up in it, Im guessing he dragged it home to his family like a prized treasure.I picture them all sitting around it patiently waiting for treats to magically appear. Suckers!!

I went back to the hardware store the other day and spent over $50 on every kind of trap they have. I got a supersonic noise thingy that is supposed to drive them crazy and hopefully out of the boat.I also picked up a box with a spring trap that can hold up to 10 mice at once and another super-duper expensive traditional style trap with a hair-trigger. Nothing is working :(

He grows more brave everyday. Sometimes it sounds like there is an army of them rampaging through here. He knocks things flying, rustles through all the plastic and insulation under the bed and when he runs through the walls,you can feel him go by, must be the size of a moose! Sometimes he makes all kinds of squealing noises, like he is having a fight with another mouse. The other night we heard something scrabbling about on the back deck, it hit the floor with a mighty plop. I cant even imagine what it could have been, an otter, beaver or raccoon perhaps? Great, he's invited the whole rodent gang to his new pad.

I wanted to get the sticky traps but David wouldnt let me, said it was too gross when they tried to chew their legs off to get away. At this point I dont care anymore,I
just want him GONE!!! I have gathered up all the packaged food and stored it in large plastic boxes, quel pain in the ass it is now to get at things when I want to eat. I cant imagine what a hassle this would have been for sailors out at sea for long stretches. Nothing like getting up in the morning to find out all your bread, oatmeal ect has been eaten and shat in. Yuch!

I wish I had one of those infra-red thingys they use at the border to sense body heat. I cant see him, just hear him. I want to know where he is, how big he is and what he is up to. Im declaring war on the bastard, Im tired of being woken up by all his rummaging and pillaging.I dont want to rip my boat apart to get at him, but if thats what it takes, fine.

In other news, I finally tracked down a shop that repairs Johnson motors and got the proper controls for it. They are as old as the motor which is around 1965. Not pretty but we were assured they still work. David tried to hook them up but there is a broken piece that needs replacing. We have to wait until Monday to pick that up, but then hopefully we can go for the inaugural boat ride. I cant wait to go exploring up and down the river.

I found a small 7.5hp kicker motor on Craigslist last night. We picked it up today, its not running and needs alot to clean it up, but for $70 well worth it. Its not seized just needs new rubber bits and alot of rust removal on the bolts ect. Now all I need to do is learn how to be a marine mechanic. It never ends. There is sooo much to learn about boats, boating, engines, woodworking, boat repair. I'll be busy for long time to come.

David took advantage of last weeks sunny weather to pull the tarp back and lift out one of the big windows so he could get my new stove in here. We picked up a gas fitting that we needed today and a missing knob for the oven controls. Tommorrow we shall dine on roast pork, yummy!

Well its snowing here now, so we are going to curl up in bed and play board games. I bought a whole bunch the other day, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Scrabble, Yatzee,Pictionary and Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. Time to dust off the brain cells, wish me luck!

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rob said...

What a life you guys have ? Hunting, eating, shopping, sleeping? :o) Enjoy! Hope you get the "mouse" it sounds more like a bodybuilding rat to me, work at it he will make a mistake and then Snap. Of course you could ask "super-ratter" (Tana) she`s an expert at these things.