Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What’s on Your Bucket List?

David and I went to see the movie “The Bucket List” the other night. It’s about 2 old guys with terminal cancer who write up a list of all the things they want to do before they “kick the bucket”. I got to thinking about my bucket list. I think I am luckier than most as I have already seen, done and accomplished a great many of the things that would be on it.

I’ve mountain climbed, scuba-dived, skied, water –skied, owned a few horses and got to ride them off the trail. I learned to play drums and got to perform in front of 5000 people. I’ve traveled tons and made it to a couple of tropical locations.(Hawaii and Bali) I’ve owned my own business. I’ve ridden in a helicopter, a fire-truck, planes of all sizes, a cruise ship, a hydrofoil search and rescue boat, trains, ski-doos, sea-doos, motorcycles, and a Porshe. I’ve stood on a glacier and a volcano. I’ve seen whales, bears, moose and deer in the wild and up close. I’ve been married (and divorced). I own my own home, a sports-car, a van, speedboat and a kayak. I work at a job I enjoy and am good at. I’ve met tons of celebrities and influential people through my work and got to spend an hour or more alone with them.

All in all, not to bad so far. So the revised list now stands as thus:

- hug a big cat ( lion, tiger etc)
- swim with dolphins
- ride on a elephant
- see Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia (Ancor Wat in particular), Vietnam, India , Bora Bora] and Machu, Pichu ( Peru),
- write a book
- be gifted with a diamond ring
- marry a man for no other reason then because I love him and want to spend my life with him ( the last one was for all the wrong reasons)
- teach someone to read (reading is the greatest gift I’ve ever received and would like to pass it on before I go)
- retire on my boat to some secluded beautiful bay ( preferably somewhere warm ) with a bit of land to grow an English- style garden full of nooks and crannies to explore

Some dreams that will never be met include:

-meeting John Lennon
-having my own child
-going skydiving ( it was a dream of mine for years, but I’ve totally lost my nerve now) ( if I live to be 80 I might try it anyway just to say I did)

So whats on your list??

At one point in the movie one of the characters turns to the other and tells him that the Egyptians had a theory that when you got to the pearly gates you were asked two questions. Your response to them decided whether you got in or not. They were,
1. have you experienced joy in your life
2. have others experienced joy from having you in their lives?

I think it would be hard to have either of those at 100 percent but I have definitely had profoundly joyous moments in my life (and a few not so joyous ones) and I believe I have brought joy to some people in this world and no doubt pissed some others off. I strive hard to keep the joy flowing but some days the grind makes me forget all that is good about being alive. It is in those times that I need to get out my list and see all the things I have managed to check off so far and appreciate just what a wonderful journey this has been. The fact that there are still things left on the list is awesome because it means I still have lot more living to do yet.
Peace, Love and Joy to you all, xxoo


Tim Zim said...

A great post.

I can Identify with a lot of that stuff you have done (except the clebs bit, which I don't care about).

If you hug a big cat, I'd advise making sure it's asleep at the time :)

Here's wishing you tons of Joy.


bowiechick said...

You ask, "Have others experienced joy from having you in their lives?"

I know just knowing you has been a joy in my life. I think you're fantastic but you knew that already.

rob said...

Joy and peace in your life to you too! what a nice post, that alone brought joy into mine.:o))