Monday, January 14, 2008

Oopps, We Did it Again!

Almost sunk another boat, that is. My new boat has a slow leak from a rotten old plug, that combined with last night rain, made a good size puddle in it. The transom was just barely above water when David tried to step into the boat and his added weight caused water to flood in. The boat listed over and was on its way down. I could hear him screaming in frustration, so threw on some clothes and ran out to see what was up. We tried 2 different water pumps, both which fired up but wouldnt pump any water. David grabbed a come-along, got it attached to the back of my boat and got it upright. Thankfully he had hooked up a bilge pump on it the day before and that combined with some quick bailing with a bucket got the water out. The motor still fires up, what a relief and no damage done. I just look at all this as practice for his Marine Salvage Company. Nice to know, we think quick on our feet and dont crumble under pressure.

After that bit of morning excitement, I went off to a hair appointment with enough adrenaline coursing through me to move a mountain. After I was done there, it was off to a Marine Supply store to stock up on boating goods. Today I aquired a VHF radio, life jacket,floodlight,anchor,chain and rope, 3 bumpers with rope, an air horn, fire extinguisher,and of course the all important boat plug!!

I already have a depth sounder that I bought last summer, a stereo donated by Steve, a propane heater,paddles, a pike pole and a brand new battery. I still need to buy some guages, charts and someday a GPS, but we have pretty much all we need to outfit the boat to code . We both need to get our boating licence and VHF licence which will cost us 140$ each. Davids log salvage licence came in the mail today.It so exciting, we have accomplished alot in the last few days, so close now, I cant wait to get out there.

Thanks Rob for your hilarous post, a good laugh was just what I needed after this mornings shenanigans. Tonight sounds like another test of our mettle. The wind is howling again at 70 km/hr.Davids chimney is swaying in the wind like a drunken sailor. Im praying it doesnt come crashing down. I think tonight will be an earplug night, nothing like the sound of tarps banging and flapping in the gale to wreck a good nights sleep. Except of course the sound of a rat scrabbling around in the bilge. Yes folks, Ive been invaded. I borrowed Tanas cat Tobias last night for a sleep-over in hopes he would do his hunting thing. We set a trap a few nights ago, but it malfunctioned. The rat got a tasty meal and lived to torment us for another night. I cant hear him now over the tarps flapping but hope he got the hint with the cat around and vacated the premises. If not Im sending in the big guns. Tana the rat killer with her superhuman rat catching powers. I hope he is trembling in mortal fear. Ah, life on the water, aint it grand?


rob said...

I guess the rat came from the Glastron? leaving a sinking ship etc! best of luck! I could send you some of my Wafarin tablets, they recon if a Rat bit me it would die in seconds :o))

bowiechick said...

Yikes! For a moment I thought you were talking about the Lucky 7 and how was it being all of a few feet from you that I MISSED THIS?

Sorry Tobes didn't get Ratty during the sleepover. I just think he needs a bit more motivational therapy (ie a couple of kibble free days). PB in a fat trap is the best trick as they are attracted to grains too.