Friday, March 12, 2010

I'll Just Scoot on Over

I used to have a moped when I lived in Germany. I loved that bike, cheap on gas, zipped through traffic, easy to park. It got stolen twice and I never saw it again after the last time. I have always wanted another one but they were never really popular or available here until a few years ago. When they finally showed up here, they were the price of a small car. I couldn't justify a $5000.00 price tag for a fair weather ride, when I would still need a car for business.

I finally found a good deal on one and picked it up today. It's 150 cc so I have to get a motorcycle liscence to drive it. I already wrote the beginers test and once I feel comfortable balancing on it and handling it, I can do my skills test. That will allow me to drive it around during the day. Eventually I will do the road test when I am comfortable driving it in heavy traffic.

I'm so excited, can't wait to try it out. Of course the minute I get it home, the heavens opened up and spewed a downpour on us. I don't want to start driving it under those conditions, so I'm tapping my feet waiting for the clouds to break. I guess now that I'm a "biker chick" I should get a tattoo ;)

( just kidding mom xxoo)

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rob said...

Be careful with those small wheels , (when braking on the wet and ice) we wouldnt want to loose you now would we! :o))