Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Shabby Chic Bathroom

Craigslist has once again gifted me with some choice finds. I got this super-cute hand painted sink in an old desk and an old fashioned medicine cabinet to go with it. I think they will go perfect with this toilet I got last year and my steam shower unit.

I've never really pictured myself with a blue bathroom, so I have been looking at pictures of other blue bathrooms to see what I like and don't like. As all my fixtures are white other than the blue sink, I'm thinking either white beadboard on the bottom half of the wall with blue on top to match the sink, or keeping the room mainly white with touches of blue tile or trim.

I don't want to copy either of these rooms exactly, just looking at the difference of a lot of colour or touches of colour.

I would like to find a small crystal chandalier for this bathroom as well. I can't wait to have a home that I can decorate. I have so many great things hiding in storage. I find myself mentally going through my belongings wondering which would go best with what. I need it all sprawled out in front of me so I can rearrange and play with ideas.

I had to go to Squamish to pick my latest treasures up. I see the snow finally decided to make an appearance on the mountains. Too bad it's the week after the Olympics. The cruise ship in the distance was used to house volunteers or security during the games.

The lady I got the fixtures from told me to go check out this floathome that someone was building just down the road. I love the barge they are using, what a wonderful stable platform to build on. I guess the guy building it is a woodworker and is doing his best to build a one of a kind home. I would love to see it when it's finished.


rob said...

The Float home looks vauguely Tai or east-asian? don`t you think? notr unatractive but different :o))

cyberangel said...

Yes now that you mention it, it does look like something you would see in Asia. I found it interesting but not exactly my style. Alot of it seemed like wasted space. I can only admire the amount of effort he put into building this place as every beam and board has been individually worked and shaped.

rob said...

It also looks like an old ferry has been used for the float base with its two dropping platforms (one each end! I like it!