Thursday, November 15, 2007

Add Plumber to My Resume

Ive been putting off trying to fix my toilet as I was scared of it. Scared of the horrible smells emanating from it and scared I would inadvertently unleash a flood of river water into the boat. Yesterday, I overcame my fear and decided to tackle it. I armed myself with rubber gloves, wads of paper towel, a huge jug of bleach and a screwdiver and went in to face my hell.

I turned off the valves and removed the pipes. I quickly found the problem in the outflow pipe. It was clogged with wetwipes that I had used one day when I ran out of toilet paper( note to self- wetwipes dont flush well at all). I got them out, flushed out the pipes and bravely opened the inlet valve to make sure water was coming in. It was, luckly at a rate I could control and get the valve closed again. I removed the cover from the pump mechanism to take a look at the gasket. I gave everything a good clean and tried to put it back together. There was a weird piece of loose plastic that took me about 3 hours and much swearing and screaming to figure out how it fit into everything. I finally figured it out and got things back together for the umpteenth time and Hallaluyah!! it works. I gave the bathroom a good scrub with liberal amounts of bleach and went to crack a well deserved beer to celebrate. No more midnight runs in the dark, yahoo


rob said...

Well done a great job! but don`t ever rely on a "seacock" to be water tight without a "right sized" wooden bung handy as they can "let by" or even snap off and, basically, leave you holding your hand over the incoming water shouting unheard for help! hope you don`t mind my comment as I am sure that I am teaching you to suck egs! :o))

cyberangel said...

Thanks Rob, thats great advice. Thank god nothing bad did happen, but I was definately worried when I did it. I couldnt get much advice before I started except to close the valves.Im grateful it all worked out ok.
Thanks for reading and commenting, sometimes I think no one is reading this and it's just a diary for myself. Not that thats a bad thing either, so much changes down here day by day, that its nice to have a record of it all.

bowiechick said...

I am so proud!

rob said...

Have a look here re the letting bye post of mine!just come up

Jamie said...

WooHoooo, cyberangel! You rock ~ nice job on clearing it all up.