Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Spoke too Soon

Funny we had power all during the storm, but the next day we kept getting brownouts till we had basically no power at all. That lasted about 2 days until late last night when it finally came back on again. Other than no tv or internet, I didnt really notice as I use woodheat and a propane stove to cook with anyway. The boat looks lovely all lit by candlelight, I should do that more often anyway.The biggest issue for most people down here was that their bilge pumps weren't working with no electricity. That can get scary as some of the boats take on quite abit of water.

Still no water heater yet :( , Im starting to wonder if I will ever get it hooked up. I went out and bought shower curtains and a bathmat in anticipation of having a bath, but looks like thats still on hold for now.

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bowiechick said...

Oh hey, when Greig and I were at the Crappy Tire last night, we found in the camping section this on-demand electric water heater. It surely needs to be hooked up to a pressurized water system and it is electrical (which would fail you during and outage). Greig was looking at it so you'd best ask him on the details. I don't think it was expensive and the package was the Green World Famous one and measured about 4 x 5" or a bit bigger.

Maybe it is a short term solution to at least being able to wash dishes.