Saturday, November 10, 2007

How I Spent My Day Off

Well I finally talked David into taking a day off with me. The sun was shining, I had $500 burning a hole in my pocket, so off we went shopping. We went to a propane shop to look for conversion parts for Davids gas water heater. They had a few items there I would be interested in. A fan for the woodstove that runs off the heat of the stove(no electricty required) costs $130-200 and propane lights that attach to the wall .We hit a few hardware stores looking for plumbing fixtures, then went to explore Steveston. To my surprise, David had never been there before, this boy needs to get out more! We found the 2nd hand marine store hidden a a back alley. I scored! I found a kerosene cookstove with 2 burners, an oven, the tank and hoses for $130. I also got a brass lamp that is exactly like the one I got off the tugboat the other day. Im going to hook them up to battery power for dock lights and use coloured gels to transform them into navigational lights when underway.

We spent the rest of the afternoon poking around all the shops.At one point I dragged David into a wig shop to get his professional opinion on a different haircolour for me. There was a gaggle of ladies in there and everyone loved the black, so off to the drugstore for some hairdye. After some nailbiting and a glass of wine, I enlisted David's hairdressing services and bit the bullet to see whats its like on the dark side. Greigs daughter Dosha and her friend Patton came over and offered their stylist skills to my new do. I settled on the pigtails( less hair to get used to lol). Davids happy, he has his brunette, finally got a picture of us together,( I think he was embarrased to be seen with a blonde)

All in all a fun , productive day, with lots of new toys and a new look. Tomorrow is girly day, if its open we are off to the Korean Spa where we will soak our aches and pains in salt and mud and sip green tea. Nice to be girly again for a minute, Ive almost forgotten how to do that being in construction mode most of the time.

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