Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How to Salvadge a Tug

Gee who knew the tide would come in that fast? Well Tana did, but thats besides the point. We laid down for a nap at 3:15. The tide was way out and I thought it would be hours before it came back in. We were woken at 5 am by Gerards son, Mike, screaming for David to get up, the tug was taking on water. Gerard, David, Mike and Greig all jumped into rescue mode and quickly loaded a pump and hose onto the dingy and got it going to pump out the water. Half of it was splashing into the dingy and it had to be bailed to keep from sinking. Greig attached a a come-along to the piling and with superhuman strength, pulled the tug upright with it. Gerard had a dunking when he tried to walk across a slippery log to reach the tug ( he doesnt swim) , it was a tense few moments watching him struggle to get back on the log, but he made it ok. Hopefully he doesnt get hypothermia, its just above freezing right now and he got soaked and continued working for abit before finally going in to get changed. The engines went under the water so its back to square one to get them running again. The oil has to be drained out and replaced, the filters replaced, the injectors pulled and the water drained out but hopefully she will be up and running by this afternoon. Right now a nap is in order, right after a good stiff drink to chse away the cold.


bowiechick said...

Great pics Rhianna! Thanks Doll.

rob said...

What a Blo*dy shame, all that work. what a good job everybody "mucks in and gets it done"! you are really a great bunch of people! pity there arent a few more of you all around. :o))

cyberangel said...

Yes, we have an awesome community down here. When the s**t hits the fan, everyone pitches in, thank god they were able to save the tug, job well done boys, that was impressive!