Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Day, Another Project

So today I decided to install my new stove and rebuild my kitchen cupboards. We pulled everything back and put plastic vapour barrior along the wall behind the couch and inside the pot cupboard. David used his sawsall to cut out the front of the cupboards and then built proper shelves for me. The stove managed to fit through the front door( we thought we would have to put it in through the window)and I decided to put it beside the cupboards after some modification to them.I filled the kerosene tank and proceeded to use a bicycle pump to add some pressure. I hadnt tightened the connections enough and gas sprayed everywhere. Yuch!! What a stench. Anyway after much adjusting of the connections we got the leaks stopped and tried to light the stove. No Luck. From what I can gather online, it seems I need some sort of combustible paste to warm up the burners first. Not sure what thats all about, will have to check into it further tomoorow. I gave up and went out for hamburgers.

The cupboards are awesome now,lots of room for the pots and pans, I can finally get at everything easily and without the propane stove on the counter I have a little counter space to work on now. I want to put a metal barrier behind and above the stove to protect the wood above. Now I just have to rebuild the cupboard beside the fridge and my kitchen reno's will be complete.

Im still scaring myself everytime I pass a mirror, not sure who this dark haired person is on my boat. In the light of day, it seems the colour I picked is a dark blue instead of dark black. Oh well, Ive never been one to follow fashion trends, maybe Ill start a new one.

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