Friday, October 26, 2007

Apparently the Beavers like Davids House Too

Some months back we were woken up to what sounded like the Jolly Green Giant chewing on Davids house. Being the fearless one that I am, I got up to investigate. Thinking it might be the neighbors cat, I was calling "here kitty, kitty..." David pipes up from the other room, " I dont think its a cat, I can hear it growling at you." I finally found the source of the noise when I pulled some sheets of plywood back and found a huge beaver sitting there staring at me. At the time Davids house was still a boathouse, which is basically a boat garage with an area open to the water and a small apartment in the back. The beaver had swum up under the floor and crawled in through the floor opening and was chewing on the door frame to the apartment.He showed no fear of me at all and stayed there for quite awhile just staring at me. I went and grabbed the video camera and got some footage of him. Unfortunately Ive never figured out the video editing program and cant post the footage.

He eventually went back in the water and we thought we had seen the last of him. We were telling Grieg and Tana about it later in the morning. Just as David pointed to the hole where it had come up, up he came again and joined the party. It looked like he was planning on moving in, so David spent the next few days laying flooring across all the open space. We thought that had done the trick and never gave it another thought.

The other day, David had lifted the floor boards to prepare to lay new stringers in for support. He came running over saying you have to see this! The beaver had come back and dragged in all kinds of branches and was building himself a nest under the floor. And you thought you had rodent problems! At least the sea otters have stopped coming in and using his floor for a toilet,but how do you keep a beaver out of a wood house??

The first picture is David with the beaver nest the second one is the floor laying process.

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