Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Back to Square one

Today, I mostly helped David with his place. He finished putting in stringers and supports for his floor while I cut styrofoam and insulated the walls. Once that was done, he stapled plastic over the styrofoam, laid down some floorboards and we moved all the heavy stuff back into the back. The building has been listing alot to the front with no weight in the back end. Luckily the weather has been dry and calm the last few days. A storm could have done alot of damage.

At one point I got frustrated with wrestingly with the styrofoam. It was like building a huge jigsaw puzzle. Not one space was the same size, so had to hand cut each piece to fit with a jigsaw. I decided a break was in order and came home to make some lunch. Once there I decided to try and paint the bathroom once again. I had lots of the cranberry colour left and figured if I watered it down with the white/pink colour, it would look ok. WRONG!! OMG what a horrible mess I have going on now. The mix of pepto-bismal pink and popsicle pink created horrible bright pink. I cant even look at it its so bad. So back to the paint store tomorrow for more primer and some very neutral colour. If nothing else , the room will be well sealed against leaks, it will have about 7 coats of paint by the time Im done.

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