Friday, October 26, 2007

More Progress

Well the bathroom renos are still on hold for now. David was planning to redo the frames on my big windows today and while I had a window off, I wanted to move some larger things onto the boat that wouldnt fit through the doors.

I went up top and pulled all the plastic and tarps off the windows only to find that they had never been set in frames at all. Thay were just huge sheets of glass laying on thin rotted boards and the seams covered by Tuck Tape. Scary stuff! The more we looked at it , the more it looked like a much bigger job than anticipated. I decided to hold off until the weather gets warmer as the boat will be open for a few days by the looks of things.

I decided it was a good opportunity to move some stuff that I had wanted in here, so we removed one of the windows. I had a built in couch with storage underneath that was really hard to access. I had some drawer units that I wanted in there instead. I wanted to change the fridge as the one that came with the boat didnt work very well. I also wanted to bring in a small oak filing cabinet and wood chair for the office. I went off to the house to pick up the stuff while David prepared the area. He cut out the old couch unit and removed the fridge. We lowered everything in through the window and sealed it back up with tape. Im going to leave the plastic and tarps off for now as I think the outer tarp will do the job and its brighter in here now. Im loving the new drawers. I can store all my dishes and food with easy access now. Unfortunatly, the new fridge was a fraction of an inch too big (of course!!) so we had to tear out my little counter next to it, so it would fit. Now I have that to rebuild( another project...sigh)

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