Friday, October 26, 2007

Boys and Their Toys

Well the next morning David got a call from his old boss Steve asking him if he wanted some more boats. He had an old tug that a guy owed him money on and a free small sailboat. Of course David, not one to turn down anything free, said yes.So the morning was spent rearranging things so we would have room to tie them up. A few hours later Steve pulled up with both boats and there was a great flurry of activity as we got them installed and checked out. The tug had to be pumped out as it had alot of water in the hull. The sailboat needs some work and the rigging redone but its a cute little dayrunner. The tug basically needs a complete rebuild from the engines to the cabin, but once up and running would be an awesome addition to Davids floating empire. I would love to take on the sailboat but have so much to do on the boat I already have, it would be sitting for eons before I could get to it. Realistically, what I really need is a small powerboat, so think I will keep looking till I find something suitable.

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