Thursday, October 25, 2007

Progress Report

Its funny how the "to-do list" keeps changing. You go to bed with a plan for the next day and wake up to a completely different scenario.

Saturday night we went to bed with plans to take Sunday off and go into town, do a little flea-marketing, go for brunch, get off the rock for awhile. We woke up only to remember the guy was coming to install the sattelite dish. We waited all morning for him, called to find out where he was only to be told we had been cancelled for the day and he wouldn't be coming till next week. David had some words for them, and the guy showed up within the hour and we are getting 2 free months to boot. Pays to know how to complain effectively!

It was a nasty horrible weather day and it took him the whole afternoon to get things set up. With great excitement I climbed into bed, got my remotes at the ready and turned it all on. Now what??? Crap, the brand new TV I had just bought had no sound. I tried everything, spent hours on the phone with techs and nothing. What a letdown. I dragged my big feather quilt over to Davids and made a warm nest so I could watch his TV. I fell asleep 10 minutes into the first show.Figures eh!

David took the TV in the next morning and had it exchanged and hooked up for me when I got home from work. It's working great now. He built me a cool shelf in the bedroom to put it on and carved a feather in the top. Im loving all the radio stations, no commercials and well- mixed music for whatever genre you like. I got a 26 inch flat screen TV, the picture and signal are super clear and it fits neatly in the bedroom taking up hardly any room. I got David to put a block of wood at the top corner to keep it from fliiping off the shelf in a big wave.Cant be too careful down here.

Nurse Karens friend had come by again to take better look at what he needed to do to install the water heater. He wants to bolt all the fixtures to the wall, so I decided to paint the bathroom first. Its a horrible undescribable shade of vivid green.

Rick gave me half a can of primer, a cute little mini paint tray and a tiny roller. I had to contort myself into all kinds of positions to get it done but what a difference already. The boards along the bottom that are under the water line were damp and I ended up having to leave a heater going in there for a few days so the primer would dry, hopefully it stays put. I chose a pink tinted white for the walls and a cranberry colour for the beams, with all intentions of finishing the job the next day. But the next day was to bring us more surprises which put that days plans on hold. More about that later,stay tuned.

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