Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Time for an update

Gosh well I hardly know where to start. I havent had internet since I got the boat until just last week, so catch up time is here. I basically moved onto to the boat the day I got it. I talked to Rick( my roomate at the house ) and he wanted to take over the whole house, so I didnt have to worry about finding a new roomate for him. I had about 10 days to pack up a lifetime of stuff and decide what to do with it all. David got alot of it to furnish his place, I sold some pieces, donated a few vanloads to thrift stores and stored a bunch in the basement of the house. I packed as much as I could onto the boat, but its not much compared to what I had.

A few days after I got the boat here, we got some bad news. Two of our roomates here at the marina were in an accident. The truck they were in crashed through the Granville Street Bridge and landed on the road below, upside down. Dave unfortunatly lost his life and Mark was injured quite badly with a crushed spine, punctured lung ect. He is now back at home with his family and recovering. Dave's Mom and Brother came out from Ontario for his funeral. They had him cremated and Greig organized to use the same cruise ship that towed me home to hold a burial at sea for him. It was a beautiful sunny day, with friends and family in attendence. Just as we were about to start his memorial, Greig spotted whales not far away. We all went to the bow of the boat and watched a large pod of whales that came and swam all around us for about half an hour. It couldnt have been more perfect, it was if Dave was saying dont be sad, Im free now and with my family, all is ok. As his Mom dropped his ashes in the sea, one last whale came right up to the boat and surfaced twice , then swam off to join the pod as it was leaving the area. We will miss you Dave, you were an awesome friend with so much in front of you. Tana wote about it in her blog and has some footage of the whales, you can see it here:

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